As our society increasingly shifts its immediate surroundings to the digital realm, people are losing connection to direct sensory experiences. Within my work process, I examine the fluid relationship between physical and virtual space, with an emphasis on the awareness of physical matter and its transformations.

The space around me intrigues me as it is just as physical and tangible as much it is mentally constructed. Bodily experiences give the consciousness ground for abstraction, by which it changes its physical environment in return. I base my spatial investigations on this correlation, by keeping close to immediate sensations through the ritualistic procedure of the ceramic craft.

Regarding the choice of media, I work with the conflicting duality of stability and temporality. Besides ceramics, I use materials that constantly change over time, often in combination with sound and digital media.

I was born in Eger, Hungary in 1986. I graduated at the Ceramics Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam in 2019. I have presented my works on various platforms throughout the Netherlands, including the festival of Media Art Friesland in Leeuwarden and OBJECT Rotterdam during the Art Rotterdam Week. I am currently working with the STEIM Foundation as an artist-in-residence whilst doing material research and teaching ceramics in my studio in Amsterdam.



Photos by András Zoltai, Franziska Mueller Schmidt, Malii Yorks and Ildikó Horváth