Sonic dinner series


In collaboration with Fedde ten Berge and Asli Hatipoglu

In order to re-think how to enhance connectedness during everyday rituals by digital technology, together with Fedde ten Berge sound artist and Asli Hatipoglu artist and chef we are exploring alternative ways for social interactions around the dining table. We have been working on creating a setup for a performative event that centers the experience of dining around sound and listening.

The design of the dinner equipment re-invents physical contact between the dinner guests by connecting them with each other through the very materials they use for eating. By specifically designing and making each item individually by hand, the sound components can be tuned on a diverse scale. Each object has its own meaning, function and working method within the dinner event.

The dining sounds of a restaurant, that are normally interfering with each other creating a noise, are now digitally arranged in a way to stimulate a cohesive sound output. The sound composition conducts the ritual as it marks the different stages in time through which the event gradually unfolds. The event creates an opportunity to influence the eating patterns, social behaviour and awareness of the dinner participants.

The food that is served during the dinner ritual is designed and prepared by food artist, Asli Hatipoglu, in close teamwork with the rest of the artists. In this research, the team reflects on the relationship of taste, tableware and sound, with an extended look on the history of the ritual of dining, and its role in communication and human connections.

Commissioned and supported by Steim Amsterdam

    Making process of the bronze tableware items in the metal workshop of Make Eindhoven

      Developing and making process of ceramic tableware items