Sub/liminal soundscapes



Walls, borders, boundaries, demarcation lines are inherent to our daily lives, perception and thinking process.

The work focuses on the dynamics of liminal surfaces and the space within and around - inside and outside - to discover how boundaries effect the area they surround.

By the reproduction and altering of a simple plastic flowerpot I gain tools to examine the connection of substance, architectural space and their human perception.

The objects have a casted ceramic base onto which different materials are applied and previously recorded sounds are vibrated directly back into them.

This process results in a layered soundscape as each sound is changed by the material composition it goes through.

Installation photographs Gerrit Rietveld Academie 3-7 July 2019

Photos by András Zoltai, Franziska Mueller Schmidt, Malii Yorks and Ildikó Horváth