Porcelain Membrane Wall


In collaboration with artists Adi Hollander, Andreas Tegnander
and Sungeun Lee

As part of “Haptic Room Studies”, presented at the exhibition of the Embassy of Inclusive Society in Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2022

Featuring the film Summer Camp (2007) by Yael Bartana with kind courtesy of Van Abbemuseum and the artist

Haptic Room Studies are experimental installation spaces that offer another way of experiencing sound: “haptic listening” explores complex textures and layers of the world of sound through somatic perception when a body is in contact with a room’s interior surfaces, be it a wall, floor, seat or bannister.

In the haptic room Porcelain Membrane Wall, we restore film audio cues through touch. Mapping the human body's sensitivity, we created a spatial haptic system where various sounds are experienced in different locations on the body, making decoding easier for the brain. The perception is similar to how an ear can differentiate between various simultaneous frequencies without them blurring into a single sound.

Concept and production: aHoll Studio
Sound engineer and software design: Andreas Tegnander
Architectural design: Yonatan Cohen
Curatorial advice: Eva Fotiadi
Finances: Albert Manders
Text editing: Zoë Dankert

Photo documentation: Konstantin Guz

Building team: Miroslav Zach, Giorgos Gripeos, Máté Kohout, Willem van Erven Dorens, Aimée Phillips, Oscar van Leest, Julia Lok

Supported by Embassy of Inclusive Society, World Design Embassies, Van Abbemuseum, Creative Industries Fund NL, AFK, Mondriaan Fund, Caradt/Avans University of Applied Sciences, Stichting Stokroos, Amarte Fonds, Woojer, Sound Imports


Interstices in MAtter


The solo exhibition Interstices in Matter at De Spanjaardshof in The Hague reflected on the history and architecture of the building.

The installation combined my previous project Sub/liminal soundscapes, a video collaboration with Konstantin Guz video maker and Guido Dutilh dancer and new works made specifically for the presentation site, addressing multiple timeframes of past and present.

For the opening of the exhibition Interstices in MAtter during Hoogtij #66 (contemporary art tour the Hague), we invited dancers Teresa Royo, Aya Misaki and Richel Wieles to interact with the installed sound and sculptural works. The exhibition also included a projection of the video with Guido Dutilh dancer interacting with the sound installation.

Special thanks to Annemieke Louwerens and Westend Projektruimte

Tiles are developed as part of a tiling system that is formed by the interplay between the characterisics of clay/ceramics and generated ideas of space.

Breathing bricks is a modular system of hollow ceramic building blocks filled with wet, salty sand. Within a few days’ time the salt gets through the walls of the bricks and crystallizes on the surface.

The bricks are placed in the vitrines belonging to the location.

AADK residency


I started my residency at AADK with researching the material qualities of the dried-out remnants of the barbary fig, a local cactus plant, that thanks to its fibre structure, is able to retain considerable amount of water, thus thrive on limited water sources. Some years ago, many of them around here dried out due to a plague.
There are numerous abandoned houses in and around Blanca (ES). When stumbling upon them, I had to think of the dryness I experienced there. As a place is being left, human presence is withdrawn from its interior and exterior spaces, memories drying out slowly. Life continues somewhere else and the decay of the houses gives place for new beginnings.

Working with the dried fibres of the fig and combining it with locally found clay, I have been using water as a main catalyst of reaching different stages of transformation while balancing between stability and flexibility.

Besides, I have been recording the sound of dried elements in the surroundings (plants, sand, mud and stones) and of the material residues of deserted buildings. By editing and altering the recordings according to their material characteristics, I have been exploring the perception of time through body and material.

The research resulted in a series of sculptures and a sound installation.

Residency supported by Media Art Friesland


Sonic dinner series


In collaboration with Fedde ten Berge and Asli Hatipoglu

In order to re-think how to enhance connectedness during everyday rituals by digital technology, together with Fedde ten Berge sound artist and Asli Hatipoglu artist and chef we are exploring alternative ways for social interactions around the dining table. We have been working on creating a setup for a performative event that centers the experience of dining around sound and listening.

The design of the dinner equipment re-invents physical contact between the dinner guests by connecting them with each other through the very materials they use for eating. By specifically designing and making each item individually by hand, the sound components can be tuned on a diverse scale. Each object has its own meaning, function and working method within the dinner event.

The dining sounds of a restaurant, that are normally interfering with each other creating a noise, are now digitally arranged in a way to stimulate a cohesive sound output. The sound composition conducts the ritual as it marks the different stages in time through which the event gradually unfolds. The event creates an opportunity to influence the eating patterns, social behaviour and awareness of the dinner participants.

The food that is served during the dinner ritual is designed and prepared by food artist, Asli Hatipoglu, in close teamwork with the rest of the artists. In this research, the team reflects on the relationship of taste, tableware and sound, with an extended look on the history of the ritual of dining, and its role in communication and human connections.

Commissioned and supported by Steim Amsterdam

    Making process of the bronze tableware items in the metal workshop of Make Eindhoven

      Developing and making process of ceramic tableware items


Kármán line


I find it fascinating, that by gauging a hole into clay, how simply the ‘concept-less’ material becomes a concept: the notion of space.

The 12 minutes long film is an attempt for a translation of researching the connections of sound, space and matter to the medium of video.

Made for the November 2020 episode of the RietveldTV. Video recording and sound design assistance: Alexandros Papamarkou.

Kármán line on the Vimeo channel of RietveldTV: